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Jewish addiction recovery

The unique needs of Jews in recovery

Achieving cultural competency

In Social Work school and during all our mental health training, one of the first things we are taught is that cultural competency is paramount. Cultural competency in mental health treatment is the ability of mental health providers to recognize, understand, and respond to cultural differences in the provision of mental health services. This includes being aware of and sensitive to the different beliefs, values, and attitudes of different cultural groups, as well as understanding how cultural background can affect the mental health of individuals. Cultural competency can involve understanding the impact of historical trauma on certain populations, such as African Americans or Native Americans, as well as being aware of how racism and other forms of oppression can impact a person’s mental health. Additionally, cultural competency involves being aware of the different ways in which mental health treatments may be effective for people of different cultural backgrounds. Today, everyone claims to be everything and they claim to be able to treat everyone.

A Jewish drug rehabilitation program by design

Making family and community support an essential part of treatment

We are on a mission to heal all those in the Jewish community whom are suffering from mental health and substance use issues and no big name program can say that.

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