Kosher Rehab

Genesis Israel:
Top-tier Kosher rehab facility

Are you looking for a
kosher addiction treatment center?

Genesis Israel, a kosher recovery program staffed by expert clinicians
and renowned spiritual leaders who are experts in kosher law,
is now accepting new patients to its residential,
outpatient, and gap year support programs.
We pride ourselves on being a strictly kosher drug rehab facility, with all the stringencies and careful adherence to Jewish dietary laws that it involves. Genesis has a Chief Rabbinal Advisor as part of our Leadership team who is on the ground in Israel. Rabbi Dovid Charlop, our Rabbinical Advisor, ensures that everything in the house and clinic meets the highest standard of kashrus.

Are you ready to experience the difference
a kosher rehab facility like Genesis Israel can
make in your life, or in the life of your loved one?

Get top-tier substance abuse care with passionate therapists, all in a welcoming, supportive environment.

What is kosher therapy?

Kosher food may be divided into three categories:

Why choose a kosher rehab center?

There are many factors that might delay a SUD patient from receiving the expert care and evidence-based treatment they need.
Fear of the unknown, denial, shame, cost of treatment, and lack of support can all conspire to delay crucial care. Genesis Israel exists to make sure that concerns about keeping kosher should never stop anyone from receiving the life-saving treatment they deserve.